Roll over Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges

Or perhaps Alberto Manguel, whose article, A 30,000-Volume Window on the World, appears in today’s NY Times actually is some Borgesian double of the great Argentinian bibliophile, because he sure sounds like him. Whatever the case, you thought you loved books? You don’t love books. This guys loves books. Speaking of Borges, here’s an irreverent take on McSweeney’s. -Ed Scripsi

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  1. Thanks for this post. The Times mysteriously was not on my lawn yesterday morning, so I missed this lovely picture. Alberto read to Borges, if I remember from “A History of Reading.” I also read once of a library that the owner limited to a specific number of volumes that would fit two shelves – when something new came in, something old went out. A different kind of collection, equally envy-provoking.

  2. Although everyone loves an endless, rambling library, this sounds like the only sane approach for those of us who cannot afford 15th Century stone barns. Then again, despite their aspirations to order, libraries are not necessary sane. Often they reflect the irrationalities of their owner (and members are in part owners) than their restraint. This is the only explanation I can conceive for Sophie Kinsella’s “Shop-a-holic and Baby” ending up in the Merc’s stacks.

  3. What a beautiful article. We need more people in this world with such marvelous eccentricities :-)

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