The Kindle has landed

A good friend of the Library (and the Librarians therein, for that matter) stopped by just now to show off her brand new Amazon Kindle. Eh? What’s that? You want to know whether your Librarians had opinions about it? Well, I’m glad you asked:

NEMO WOLFE: I was totally sucked in and pretty much have to have one even though I will probably have no reason to use it since most of what I read is readers’ copies, but I can pretend that I’m going on vacation some day, and the Kindle would be all I would take on that hypothetical holiday. I do have one tiny quibble. I am a fast reader and take in content in gulps. I wonder if the lines are wide enough for me.

ANONYMOUS- I was pleasantly surprised. This would be great to have on an airplane.

NORM DE PLUME- I loved the screen. It was easy on the eyes in the literal sense, and as close to reading print on a regular piece of paper as I’ve seen from any electronic device. Also, I wasn’t expecting it to be so small (in a good way) and sleek. The only thing holding me back is the price. At this point, I’d probably have to stick up a liquor store to come up with a disposable $399. And speaking of being a cheapskate, it’s hard to imagine paying to read blogs and/or newspapers in this day and age.

SG- I think it’s very exciting to be able to easily pick up current publications in French, whether they be books or newspapers. I really like the feel of the case, and I love the design. The ease with which you flip back and forth between pages was nice.

ED SCRIPSI- Mind-shatteringly ergonomic!!!!! The end of that paper and cardboard dinosaur, the cumbersome book, is nigh!!!!!

All in all, a positive response from the staff.

-Your Webloggers

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