Because we have friends on both sides of the tracks we have thought it best to stay out of the streetcar fracas, but since, at least for now, the plan to bring those sleek, quiet, comfortable Czech railcars to our resurgent metropolis seems to have been agreed upon to the extent that anything is agreed upon in Cincinnati City Council, we think it is now safe to say that most of us here look forward with considerable pleasure to the arrival of the tracks on the street where we live and where fully 25% of Library staff will be able to take the streetcar home for lunch and the other 75% will make use of the streetcar to reach Findlay Market for those leg of lamb and saffron runs that crop up with astonishing frequency. We have already begun to plan events for our members that will begin with drinks and/or discussion at the Library followed by opera or whatever at Music Hall, moving on to draft beer and venison in the Brewery district and then back downtown to decide that it would be better to spend the night in the Netherland than drive home.

We will admit that even though amongst us we know quite a lot of people, we don’t know anyone who has been crying out for electric transportation between the university and the city center, but we’re all prepared to be pleasantly surprised by the popularity of that uptown spur that turned out to be the political price of passage.

-Nemo Wolfe

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