Harold Augenbraum on the Future of Literary Culture

Have we been living in a fool’s paradise here at the ML? Not worrying enough about our future when our future is so closely woven with books? Not to worry. Our friend Harold Augenbraum, the emergency literary technician who breathed so much literary life back into the comatose New York Mercantile Library that it is now the Mercantile Library Center for Fiction (they kicked out all the non-fiction before creative non-fiction could take root, thereby dodging some of the non-fictional bullets of the past decade) … where was I?… oh, yes… our friend Harold does the literary worrying for us in his latest role as the chief raccoon at the National Book Foundation, the shadowy organization upstairs from the Trilateral Commission somewhere in Gotham. Harold is as smart as any six librarians put together, so your time will be well spent reading his oration on The Future of Literary Culture here, and then perhaps you will want to go to his blog here, and then, since there is not all that time left in the day and there’s really no point in starting up another project, you could go to the New York Mercantile Library Center for Fiction site here to read up on their offerings, and then you might want to come back to Stacked to leave a comment agitating for a Proust Society here in the aging but still game Queen City.

-Nemo Wolfe

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