Books you might have missed because there are no more book sections in today’s bloody, content-poor, sad excuses for newspapers department

     Robert Harris’s The Ghost, which came out last October to no notices that I ever saw, is aghost.jpg slick, fast, smart political thriller about a ghost writer hired to write the “autobiography” of British prime minister Adam Lang who is so like Tony Blair that he might as well have been named Tony Blair. But that would be libelous. (Slanderous? We who live by the pen never seem to remember which is which. We leave that to the attorneys). The writer was hired for an enormous amount of money to replace the original ghost who was thrown from a ferry before he could deliver on a very short deadline. Harris, by the way, is the author of Pompeii and Imperium, so this is very much a change of pace. Successfully managed. Not just for the conspiracy theorists, either, although they will eat it up.

    Has anybody else read Robert Ferrigno’s Sins of the Assassins? Was it a forced march? assassins.jpgPlease let me know if you read the opener of the series of which this is the second volume. I am most curious to know the reaction to this creepy but seductive thriller set in America after a civil war that left the country broken up into the Islamic Republic, the Bible Belt, and the Aztlan Empire. The book is – as the reviewers like to say – richly imagined, but that should not be held against it. There’s some funny stuff and some hair raising adventures. Anyone who fears the worst from our current international misadventures will find the book totally absorbing and will suffer for weeks from very very dark nightmares. Great fun.

-Nemo Wolfe

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