Monday: Covers from the Hall Collection

“Just in time,” murmured the detective.
“He shall not slip me again ina hurry.”

The Mansion of Mystery: Being a Certain Case of Importance, Taken from the Note-book of Adam Adams, Investigator and Detective is the first of the Stratemeyer Syndicate books and was actually written by Edward Stratemeyer. Click above to visit the text at Project Gutenberg or to check out the mysterious Chester K. Steele at Wikipedia. -Ed Scripsi

You can find more Covers from the Hall Collection here.

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  1. greetings Mr. Scripsi (if that really is your name);

    I normally wouldn’t comment on an antique detective tale, but once again the artwork is inspiring.

    As a matter of fact, that illustration could have been drawn from a photo the police have in my ever-growing criminal file. The hat, trenchcoat…even the green shuttered windows; seems like looking back into time, that photo, when I used to sneak around the neighborhood at night, checking out just who was doing what with whom. I recall the photo so vividly as it was the straw that broke the case against me and sent me to the slam for 5 years. Just so happened to be the police chief’s young secrectary’s place.. and guess who was flopping all over her when the automatic security camera froze me in that peering squat..?

    Oh well.. we live and we learn..

  2. Ok…I’ve hopped through enough hoops to get my photo posted in here.. geesh! And I’m now an unwilling certified member of the BLOG community, thanks to Ed Scripsi. (Just what I needed.) I’ll have to become a political radical and fight to overthrow stuffy conservative rich old men with their limos and tomb-like libraries full of nazi brainwashing techinques.


  3. You haven’t been “playing” with the electricity again, have you, Mr. Hoppietoad? And/or reading Nabokov?

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