Monday: Covers from the Hall Collection


You have to hand it to a guy who, after Princeton and Oxford, bought and operated a dude ranch. He also got John D. Rockefeller’s financial backing to help create Grand Teton National Park. At some point he got tired of actually running a dude ranch and bought two ranches, combined them, and just used them as a place to hang out. What a guy. -Ed Scripsi

You can find more Covers from the Hall Collection here.

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  1. Dude wrangling dude
    With an attitude
    Left the ivory tower
    For some peace and solitude


    There’s something strangely magnetic about that image of the vast, open places in the American west… Reminds me of the lyrics to an ELO song, “Wild West Hero”:

    “Sometimes I look up high, and then I think there might
    Just be a better life
    Away from all we know, that’s where I wanna go
    Out on the wild side
    And I wish I was
    O-oooh-oo-oh, a wild west hero.

    Ride the range all the day, till the first fading light
    Be with my western girl, ‘round the fire oh so bright
    I’d be the Indians’ friend, let them live to be free
    Riding into the sunset, I wish I could be”

    Gotta love it!

  2. There’s really nothing more romantic than the skin of a poor dead snake strapped and stretched over the sole of some dead-brained cow lover’s feet just so he can wear high-heels and play in cow manure and flies all day. Yep Mr. Pardner… I wanna be one of them there wild west heroes, too! Live free and square dance with my best chow wagon lover. YEEE-HAWL, Y’ALL!


  3. So it turns out, after finishing What Happens Next by Marc Norman, who, after writing this kick-ass history of American screenwriting, is negotiating for the writer’s strike, that all kinds of people have bought dude ranches for all kinds of non-dude-oriented purposes. At one point it was actually the thing to trade in your yacht for a dude ranch. But I hear ya’. Nothing like chuck wagon beans on the open range.

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