One updates one’s web log

How embarrassing. It’s been so long since one has contributed to the blog that one could not find the blog folder amongst the way too many folders in the annoying Windows list. But it turned up. One never forgets how to ramble in print, though, no matter how long it’s been.

Rather than do anything constructive this afternoon, one watched librarian E. Scripsi unpacking a whacking great shipment from the Library’s wholesaler. Chock full of good titles it was, including the long awaited Alex Ross (The Rest Is Noise), long overdue. Must have sold for the hols better than expected. The Noel Coward letters certainly outsold expectations. One was forced to drive from Borders Northgate to Borders Tri-County tracking down a copy for one’s wife who had hinted heavily for the letters but not early enough to take advantage of the Library’s buying power.

There was a new Ian Rankin in the box. One’s wife believes that she should always be at the top of the Rankin reserve list, but this is how fair one is. One always but always honors the reserve list. Unless, of course, the book is of more than usual interest to one in which case one would really be a fool not to exercise the droit du seigneur, wouldn’t one?

How does the Queen go through her life referring to herself as one without eventually sounding like a total nit? One gives up trying.

Also in the box, new biographies of those old comrades Chou En Lai and Richard Nixon, and if you don’t know why both of them are worth a look, you might be at the wrong blog, the new Thomas Oliphant with one of the best titles ever: Utter Incompetents, (Oliphant is a lovely political writer, but we’ll never see him here except when he’s filling in for the utterly useless Mark Shields on the News Hour). David Poyer’s latest (he turns in the most authentic modern naval novels in the business and is in full form in Korea Strait.), The Loves of Harriet Beecher Stowe with a big old blurb from Debby Applegate and lots of local scenery, and, for the surprisingly large contingent here who are mad for artist biographies thanks to the Jean Feinberg series, there is the new Picasso book. Come and get’em.

-Nemo Wolfe

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