Half Price Books

logo.gifI always forget how great Half Price Books is. Last summer I read about Roberto Bolano (sorry, I took French in high school so I can’t make the computer do that wavy line over the “n”) in the NY Times Book section. I started searching everywhere for “By Night in Chile” (again, sorry about the naked “e”). I looked all over the place, including our local Regional Chain Mega-Bookstore and several stores belonging to a certain World Famous National Chain Mega-Bookstore. I couldn’t find it anywhere (to be fair, I should mention that each of these places offered to order it for me) (Also, I am well aware that it is readily available online). A few nights ago, I was killing time in Kenwood and I found it new at Half Price Books, for a fraction of the cost it would have been at the other places, that fraction being “half.”

Thanks, Half Price Books, and thanks for the cheap copy of Flannery O’Connor’s Complete Stories, which I probably wouldn’t have thought to buy if I hadn’t seen it on your shelves for next to nothing.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. How about something by Bolaño and/or José Saramago for the “Lost in Translation” series this winter?

  2. That’s a great idea. In the unlikely event anyone asks my opinion, I will suggest it.

  3. First of all nice work with your blog. Its fantastic.

    I thought your readers might be interested in my companies site http://www.swaptree.com

    Its a site where they can trade their books, cds, video games, and dvds, with other users for free. Its pretty simple and sort of cool.

    Also to promote national book month, besides fasting, we are running a promotion where, if you tell your friends about the service, we will pay the postage on your first trade.

    Anyways, might be worthy of a look and a mention. Then again it might not. ;-)

    Thanks for your time, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


  4. Yeah, Swaptree is amazing. They’ve built something innovative AND useful.

    And it’s FREE to use.
    (very cool)

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