Tim Green- American Outrage

outrage.jpgTim Green has a new one out, American Outrage.  Green’s interesting enough for being Tim Green, former NFL (Atlanta) turned lawyer (chum of dogs’ best chum Michael Vick) turned novelist and non-fiction writer (14 books to date), making him as interesting – and complete a human being – as Mike Reid. The new book’s about Jake Carter, a reporter for Americanalbania.gif Outrage one of those Fox-type in your face overly loud reality news shows. Jake’s adopted son, a social misfit of the first rank, manipulates him into tracking down his birth mother, a search that puts the two in thriller hell, where Albanians live.  (The Thriller Guild has decided that Albanians are quite as bad as if not worse than the Russian Mafiya.  Brutal folk.)  It’s a fast read and not at all bad.  Green gets better as he goes along.  Not Sandford yet.  But working at it. 

-Nemo Wolfe

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