Turns out it’s the unpredictability of mayonnaise that makes it interesting and popular

wwwreuterscom.jpgI couldn’t resist a rare non-book/library related post after my colleague Ed Scripsi sent me this article on the passion Japanese young people have for mayonnaise. Apparently, while the youth of our Republic rebel against their parents by getting bad haircuts, walking around with bored looks on their faces, and listening to watered down versions of the music their parents listened to a generation ago in order to rebel against their parents, in Japan they simply slather a bowl of rice with mayonnaise. I really can’t decide which is worse.

In order to provide this post with the required levels of literaturosity, I will say the following: A “Mayo-garita” must be thoroughly unpleasant, annoying, and difficult to choke down. It’s the dipsological version of reading Jonathan Franzen.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. Mayonnaise sandwiches. Just ask your boss about mayonnaise sandwiches…..

  2. Will do.

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