Hey, Mr. Hollywood Bigshot- Nemo Wolfe is about to call you a weenie

When you go to see the new Bourne movie, this reviewer hopes that you will remember that the Bourne films are based on big fat Robert Ludlum books. When he was cooking, especially in his early days (he went on to write shelves full) Robert Ludlum was hot stuff, equal to or better than Ken Follett. Way more consistent. (Those were the golden days. Early Ludlum. Early Lawrence Saunders. Early Mario Puzo) He’s dead now, but his greedy heirs keep the franchise going, having hired Eric Von Lustbader who’s actually not bad, certainly better than the overstrained and possibly dying latter day Ludlum.

One has to wonder if anyone has taken an option on Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books. They would make superb movies in the right hands and with the right star. Is there a latter day Robert Mitchum? Reacher’s a big guy, and quiet. Today’s stars, with the possible exception of Matt Damon, seem to be weenies who won’t stop talking about their addlepated political views.

Charles Dance? Too old.

Ciaran Hinds? Too old.


-Nemo Wolfe

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