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You may think that staff here at the ML get first crack at all the good new stuff.  That is not so.  You may be confusing us with staff at the PLCH where they are notorious for passing around new arrivals in house for months before they ever reach the browsing desks. Or they were in the fat old days.  It might be a little better now.  The ML policy is to get books out of the box and in circulation within 24 hours, and that’s what happens.  Which is why your correspondent, whose seniority should assure that the latest Lee Child is courteously tucked into the old messenger bag shortly after its arrival has gone begging as member after member takes his or her turn. Your correspondent has found, however, while waiting for that Child book, that Silence, the new Thomas Perry thriller, is a very acceptable substitute.

Your correspondent has a hard time remembering to check his electronic scheduling device in the off-hours.  (It’s hateful enough in the on-hours.) That’s how he missed seeing Alan Furst in the flesh at his recent Norwood appearance. Your correspondent is a huge Alan Furst fan.  Huge.  So he was royally irritated.  But he is happy to provide the following tip to Alan Furst readers. Joel Ross’s White Flag Down is now available. It’s a WWII thriller featuring very very nasty Swiss people, not nearly as moody as a Furst, and much faster moving, but some of the same pleasures.

Absolutely not to be missed in the terrifying WWII neighborhood is Charles McCarry’s May release Christopher’s Ghosts.  Maybe even better than Gerald Seymour.

-Nemo Wolfe

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