Monday: Covers from the Hall Collection

Now I’m no expert on this sort of thing, but don’t 9 out of 10 consumers find forbidden fruit, metaphorical or otherwise, up to 75% more desirable?

-E. Scripsi

You can find more Covers from the Hall Collection here.



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  1. [So, Mr. Scripsi’s getting a bit bored at the library, huh? Breaking into the adult stuff; must have problems with the little woman back home, I’d say.]

    Wow, this is racy stuff.. and at 25 cents, nearly as cheap as a bunch of ‘take a tour’ pages on a gross of gross porno sites. I do like the big red heart behind the obvious looks of love on the faces of both Prof. Hurtzer and his ‘pet’ student Iwona Licket. Iwona’s blush suggests she’s already gotten her ‘A’s from most of the rest of the umm… ‘staff’. Looks like a really good read–something for the Sunoco Station men’s (or women’s?) bathroom. (Just leave it wedged in behind the toilet. I’ll find it.)

    By the way, where’s the sequal: Flaming Youth? Warner Fabian’s other illustrious works can be found at:

    Keep up the fine work, gentlemen! Most enlightening…and ‘intellectually’ ahem.. stimulating, too! :)

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