Monday: Covers from the Hall Collection


If you consider that certain forms of fiction, like the imperial novel, have become a thing of the past, because their “modern day referents no longer exist” (hmmmmm), it begs the question: what genres of fiction have come into being in the past couple of decades? Sure, there’s countercultural fiction, hip-hop fiction, cyberpunk, steam punk, and all that. But where’s the cutting edge? The next big thing? The outsourcing novel? The story of how Rishi, a young Hindu call center operator, won the affections of Delilah, a hopeless computer-illiterate in Akron, OH. “Now Delilah: I want you to uninstall the printer driver. Are you with me? Dammit woman! Pull yourself together.” Rishi could hear her feeble, frightened breath, and the rattle of keys. “I’ve done it,” Delilah said. “Now,” Rishi said in his sternest, most manly tone. “I want you to reinstall the driver.”

Or perhaps a modern day epistolary: a novel of wireless communication. In airports and financial districts, a whole subculture of Homo Sapiens is evolving with prodigiously overdeveloped thumbs, thanks to communicating almost entirely on those freaky little Blackberry keyboards. Until one day, a turf war erupts between the Blackberry ™ users and the Bluetooth (c) people, who the Blackberry users can’t stand because of the unsightly gadget sticking out of their ear and their habit of talking loudly into the air like freaks. Finally, Dorf, the leader of the Blackberry gang, who is having a clandestine affair with Zaria, one of those Bluetooth people, challenges their leader to a duel.

“I’ll make you a deal,” said Xenon. “You can pick the type of combat if I can pick the place.”

“Agreed,” said Dorf.

“The Delta terminal, in the Business Elite lounge,” Xenon said, chortling, because he knew he got really excellent wireless reception there.

“It’s on,” Dorf said, a smile spreading across his thin lips. “We will compete, winner takes all,” and he paused for dramatic effect, “in a thumb wrestling contest.” -E. Scripsi

You can find more Covers from the Hall Collection here.

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  1. You looking for a new futuristic genre? Here’s one of love and valor:

    –Ebaneezer sat in a pool of screwed, knowing he would never get back all the expectations he had just a few moments ago. He spit and hocked up another, then grimaced, turning over again the failure of his sadistically sweet plot to blow the tops off of every human in a one mile radius–a special he planned to really celebrate the 4th of July.

    An entire year, wasted! He spit again, hitting his middle foot. “DAMN!” he groaned, looking down at the detonator with the dead batteries. “Where am I gonna get some fresh batteries on the Fourth?!?”

    A total year, wasted: night after night, sneaking into homes, implanting electronic bottle rockets and M80s just above the cerebral cortex, having a look at the DVD collections, then stealing away into the night. All those little antenna sticking out of all those ears, just waiting for the “OK!” when that red button is pushed. The glory of the gory, he kept repeating, allowing himself a mental image of what it might look like; an entire neighborhood with exposed brains. Glorious!

    Suddenly, Ebaneezer sat up quickly, smiled sinisterly, and remembered the TiVo remote used the same batteries!–

  2. Ha! I like the outsourcing novel. It had me at ‘hello’.
    Who could resist the enchanting combination of love and emerging markets?

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