“… when Italians say three years, in reality it’s going to be much longer.”

Looks like the Vatican Library is going to be closing for renovation, thanks to some recently discovered structural weaknesses. You can read about it in the NYT here (if you don’t mind signing in) or from the BBC news here (if you don’t want to get drool all over everything from looking at the slide show on the Times site. I know I’m not the only one who drools over photos of old libraries).

I really feel sorry for those poor scholars who suddenly find themselves with nowhere to go. That’s why I’m encouraging all displaced Vatican Library scholars to come to the Mercantile instead.

Okay, so our medieval manuscript section isn’t as robust as it could be, and we may have one or two fewer cases of priceless religious relics then they do. Still, I’m willing to bet there isn’t a Subway on the first floor of the Vatican Library. Even if there is, I bet you can’t eat your sub in the reading room. You can here. Our members have been dripping chipotle sauce into our books for 172 years now. I bet you can’t even eat a bag of Doritos in the Vatican Library.

Sniff. I suppose you could describe the reading room at the Vatican Library as kind of nice. Not even close to the Mercantile’s league, of course.

-Norm De Plume

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