Monday: Covers from the Hall Collection



Little known fact: Roland Pertwee is the father of Doctor Who actor Jon Pertwee.  Note the family resemblance.

Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor


-E. Scripsi

You can find more Covers from the Hall Collection here.


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  1. Note the family resemblance…? Well, they obviously used the same beauty salon, for one thing.

    When I was just a tadpole, Mother Toad used to read me bedtime stories about the magical Upperworld, where spoiled rich humans romped and frolicked and sodomized each other. Sometimes the stories had happy ‘endings’, sometimes not. Yet, the very wonder of it all remains with me today.

    Also, Dr. Who.. ok. But I’ve never found Dr. What and Nurse Where. Just something to think about.

    Hoppie Toad

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