Monday: Covers from the Hall Collection


In honor of Victoria Day we give you a bearskin hat. I couldn’t find anything on Farmer, unless he’s the same James E. Farmer who killed his best friend, although truth be told, Postalthwaite had been drinking whiskey and did start beating Farmer.


NOTICE: In an ongoing effort to hone our literary skills, we have instituted a policy of random testing on the blog. As co-fire-warden and thwarted grammarian, I am chagrined and appalled to announce that we have failed this drill.

-E. Scripsi

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  1. ‘random testing’…?!? You looking for some strange version of vintage font AIDS? I’ve ‘tested’ your web site and found it lacks Buddhism influences and makes no significant mention of Mexican sea ports. Other that those two subjects, you seem to have covered everything completely.

    Also, Diabold tests–if that’s what you used–usually multiply all the test results into Iranian threats. If you are disappointed due to an unexpected plethora of Iranian threats in your findings, double-check to see if you’re using Diabold test structures.

    This technical advice is free of charge.. this time.

    Hoppie Toad

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