Michael Gruber- The Book of Air and Shadows

            So. We’re not blogging fast enough for jaded blogreaders who want more more more? Then let me explain. Stacked is not for jaded blogreaders who want moremoremore instant amusement on a computer screen and want it NOW. Stacked is for people who, as soon as they learned to read, began at once to read books under the cover with a flashlight. Stacked is not MTV. We here at the old ML know each of us is the greatest director of our own internal movies and that all we really need is books. Fresh books. Books coming in on conveyer belts. Booksbooksbooksbooksbooks.

Here’s a good one. In fact, this is one to wait outside the door of the nearest Borders or whatever for, jumping up and down to keep yourself warm in this freakish cold snap while the sullen little dropout with opening-up duty takes his bloody sweet time with the doorlocks and with firing up the cash register. Because you, if you have half a brain and are not one of those unfortunate people who say – “say” – they don’t read fiction – and somehow Nemo doesn’t really believe that’s possible – you will dive into this book and not come up for however many hours it takes you to read it because it is so funny and clever and interesting – containing actual history right in the middle of some fairly sexy bits – and the book is The Book of Air and Shadows by Michael Gruber who, if you have been paying attention, has turned out three supremely entertaining and lushly erotic Miami detective novels that stand alone as crackerjack crime novels but – guess what ? this amazing Gruber fellow (no relation to the severest critic of modern fiction at the ML –severe in the best sense in that she really likes the good stuff, but you wouldn’t want to be a bad fiction writer around her – believe me) has now gone and written this completely different, heavily New York crime/history/ legalthrill/sex novel in which book nerds like your friends at Stacked have starring roles. (You can partly see why Nemo is so chuffed) Shakespeare figures heavily. And ruthless international criminals. And a tremendously rich weight-lifting lawyer at the center of everything has the best lines. And they are some of the best lines Nemo has read in two- make that three years.

You will thank Stacked.

-Nemo Wolfe


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  1. Back ordered. Can you believe it?

  2. Thank You

  3. […] Stacked Web Log has recommended Michael Gruber to you before.  More than once, even.  Today I would like to do so again.  His newest, The Good Son, is […]

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