Monday: Covers from the Hall Collection


“First to see the iceberg dead ahead of the superliner Glamorland was Able Seaman James Morgan, lookout in the crow’s nest. He saw it too late. At the same moment: Priggish, successful First Class Passanger Thurlow Burton was finishing his expensive dinner in the grill. Waiter Guiseppe Ziemssen was hovering for the tip. Beautiful but harebrained Mrs. Gilpin was sulking in her cabin. Her would be lover Major Wandrell was looking for her. Moses Vierstein, cloak & suit man, second class passenger, lay in his bunk wondering why he was not a success. All of them felt the far away shudder, noticed the engines had stopped, wondered why.”

I guess the cover isn’t the only thing stylish about this book.

 -Ed Scripsi

You can find more Covers from the Hall Collection here.

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  1. greetin’s once again, Mr. ‘Scripsi’;

    [I don’t mean to be a pest with all the ‘comments’ I leave around here.]

    As these books are more than a little obscure–to my knowledge, at least–it’s not gonna happen that I’ve ever read any of them. But I can’t resist leaving my impressions all over this web site, so here’s another.

    After reading the blurb from the text (above), I’m struck with one overwhelming question: A ‘lookout’ with poor eyesight, a spoiled rich dude picking over a 5 star meal, the twerpy bus boy drooling over the rich dude’s wallet, the chick with the vacant sign over her brainpan and her no-good cheating lover, and the loser whining in his cabin because he’s..well…a loser…

    Seems to be a perfect time for that iceberg to do it’s thing.

    By the way, the jpg image for this book isn’t resolving completely.. could be a corrupted file..?

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