Monday: Covers from the Hall Collection


The word of the day is kailyard.

You might try this link connecting you to some not irrelevant material.

-Ed Scripsi

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  1. The above book looks thrilling; if only all my ‘indiscretions’ were as exciting as screwing up wall trim instead of young lady toadettes’ virginity’s… *sigh* …ah well.

    I was noting your inane anagram for ‘Mercantile Library’. About as inspired as painting wall trim. I took a minute and ripped you a new one:

    ~~ I let Larry ice Bi-man! ~~

    It ain’t Capote (nearly), but you ought to try a little harder if you’re gonna bother to anagram it at all. geeze….

  2. ok, ok.. I goofed up the anagram.. (That’s what copy’n’pasting will do for you.) Before you gleefully dump your ‘in-your-FACE’ correction, this is what I meant..

    ~~ Let Larry ice Rib-man! ~~

    my sincere apologies.

  3. Your anagram MIGHT be better then ours if you didn’t know that Calvin Trillin will be speaking at the library’s main event this year. Also, several members of the staff have a weakness for rye whisky. And bear cams. See? It all fits.

    Besides, if we were going to push a button on Rib-man, we certainly wouldn’t give the contract to Larry.

  4. You gigged me proper. :( Your anagram fits you all perfectly–I should have guessed the fondness for rye whiskey, at least–and I retract my suggestion/complaint.

    Nonetheless, I don’t have a clue as to why you’d keep honest work like that away from Larry; he’s got kids, and at least two wives to support. If you’re thinking Moe for the job, Curly will have to do the “W00-W00!” or Moe won’t do it…and Curley’s still in the slam.

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