Friday Brain Teaser

I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but for a few months this web log featured a hilarious and prominently displayed joke that owed its very hilariousness to the fact that it contained a spelling error and questionable grammar.

I’ve taken it down now, though, because I’ve realized that that brand of humor is too dangerous for a Library to employ. It’s kind of like a doctor making a crack about how long it’s been since he went to medical school or an airline pilot joking about how many drinks he’s had: it may possibly be very funny, but that kind of self-deprecating stuff can easily generate more doubt and fear then belly laughs. We have a reputation to maintain as the “Literary Center of Cincinnati,” not “The Place Where The Literary Center Of Cincinnati Is At.”

Which brings me to today’s brain teaser- Which other glaring errors, offensive statements, and outlandish drunken boasts should I remove from this web blog?

A.) Our promise of “Delivery’s of Book’s To All Cincinnati’s Area’s Members’s”
B.) The posts where we unfairly whine about the minor shortcomings of such excellent and beloved institutions as public broadcasting, the Cincinnati public transportation system, and Edward P. Jones
C.) The way I’m always claiming to know the location of the Hidden Treasure of the Mercantile.
D.) Our promise to be “entertaining” and “informative”.

-Norm De Plume

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