Friday Brain Teaser

Last night, before a breathless mass of library supporters and members of the press, the Mercantile announced its 2007 Season. I’m not 100% sure what tenterhooks are, but I can assure you that everyone there was on them, anxious to see who we’d rounded up for next year’s literary events, and especially who we’d roped in for the star-studded (think one giant stud, rather then a bunch of little ones) Niehoff lecture.

As a Library employee, I’ve known who would be doing what for some time but I’ve been under strict orders to keep my blabbing mouth shut. It’s been hard, because I’m a huge fan of this year’s Niehoff Lecturer, and I’ve been dying to tell everyone who it is and why they should read all of this person’s stuff etc. etc.

I’m still not at liberty to disclose the lecturer’s identity, but the information should be out there soon. I can’t wait. In the meantime, I present this week’s Brain Teaser:

What else have I been keeping secret?

A.) The secret location of the Treasure of the Mercantile
B.) What’s amazing, fantastic things are behind that tiny, elf-sized door approximately three feet off the ground just to the right of the main entrance
C.) Which patrons check out Scholarly Works, which ones check out trash, and which ones just come to the Library for a quick nap in the middle of the day
D.) The location of all the good downtown parking places

-Norm De Plume

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