“Busts of the Mercantile” Wednesday: William Shakespeare

img_0490.JPGThere’s an old appraisal on file somewhere here that puts a value of several hundred dollars on the “Shakespeare” bust which makes those of us who worry about such things worry that the rest of the appraisal might be equally shaky. Shakespeare? We’ve got people in the membership who will slug you for saying Shakespeare was Shakespeare. They tend to be Oxford boosters. (Come see the Who Wrote Shakespeare collection hiding in its custom case behind one of the pillars.) The point here is that there are no known portraits of William Shakespeare that were painted from life or in his lifetime. The popular image – the one on the card in the Authors card game – is a fake. Just like our bust. Which is worth maybe $60 bucks tops.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. this version of Shakespeare always looks to much like Robin Hood, or the Errol Flyn version of Robin Hood at least

  2. You’re right. He does look about 40% more swashbuckling then you’d expect from a dramatist. However, I suppose I (perhaps unfairly) assume that your average playwright wouldn’t know how to buckle a swash if his or her life depended on it.

  3. Indeed, Christopher Marlowe’s swash was buckled in a bar brawl even though he was a better than average playwright.

    Am I the only person who thinks Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood looked way too much like the guy on Peter Pan Peanut Butter?

  4. Mmm… peanut butter.

    Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, yes, Shakespeare. One of my college friends said he was Ben Johnson.

  5. I’ve heard many times that Shakespeare was actually a poet, his feet showed it…they were Longfellows.

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