Friday Brain Teaser

Yesterday, someone I’d never seen before dropped some books off at the circulation desk for one of our members. On her way out the door, she stopped, looked around, and asked me if the Library was haunted.

I took a glance at the reading room, which was sunny, welcoming, and almost entirely free of Spanish Moss.

“Whu…?” I replied, but she was already gone.

Later on, it occurred to me that a ghost (or something similar) may be exactly what the Library needs to drum up business. Which, of course, brings me to this weeks Brain Teaser:

Which of the following urban legends is most likely to bring new people to the Merc?

A.) “Every year at midnight on April 15th, the ghost of Moses Ranney can be seen drifting aimlessly through the stacks.”

B.) “They say a map, a rusty dagger, and an empty bottle of bourbon are the only clues to the secret location of the Treasure of J. P. Foote.”

C.) “Think about it… William Styron, dead. Saul Bellow, dead. William Makepeace Thackeray, dead. See? Everyone who gives a lecture at the library ends up dead.”

D.) “I heard those busts are really milk chocolate with a thin white candy coating.”

-Norm De Plume

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  1. […] As you may know, for years now I have been making up and spreading rumors about The Ghost of the Mercantile Library, as I firmly believe  a solid reputation for being haunted is just what this place needs to improve its old timey cache.  Unfortunately, despite the blood curdling photographic evidence seen above, I just can’t seem to get anything to stick. […]

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