Friday Brain Teaser

Hang around the Library long enough, and you’re bound to hear someone of a Certain Age holding forth on Kids Today. Seems Kids Today don’t know how to write anymore, thanks to the e-mail and the text messaging and the rap music and the MTV etc. etc. You get the feeling that these guys are afraid they’re going to check out a book from the Library sometime soon, and it’s going to read something like this:

nar8er: he wlkd in2 da bilding
protag1: omg a ded bodi. wot 2 do?
lrkingkillr: lol

Not likely. Forget about the fact that I’m sure at some point in history people of a Certain Age probably complained about the fact that Kids Today don’t know the epic poems, what with the written language and the papyrus and the MTV etc. Also, forget about the fact that young people can probably code HTML better then their parents can, and that their parents can do things well that their grandparents can’t and so on and so forth.

You can forget about those two facts because I’m here to report that Kids Today CAN STILL WRITE. I know this because the Library recently hosted our annual Timothy Crane Day Bequest/Springer Award ceremony, which honors promising local high school writers. This year’s winning entry is good. I mean good. I mean “better then a lot of stuff you see in real books published by highly paid adult writers” good. I mean “for a second there we thought she MUST have plagerized it because it’s so good but of course she didn’t because she’s just a great writer and we’re just jealous” good.

Breathe easy. At least one more generation can write. Of course, the generation after that may write prose exclusively in those “emoticon” things, but we’re safe for now.

Which brings me to this week’s Brain Teaser-

Identify the emotions expressed by the following “emoticons”:

1.) ((-++$]

2.) |\/\/*

3.) ‘,’,’,’,’000=

4.) #@

ANSWER KEY- 1. I am guardedly bemused. 2. My features are very angular. 3. I’m feeling an extended sensation of deja vu punctuated by periods of detached longing and ennui. 4. I have a disfiguring condition of the facial muscles.

– Norm De Plume

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