“Busts of the Mercantile” Wednesday: H. W. Longfellow

img_0422.JPGOne more poet and that’s it for the poetry corner. The biggest bust in the place is H. W. Longfellow who sits on one of the really high bookcases where whoever has to take him down for dusting, or worse – put him back, can pretty much count on Workers Compensation. He’s on the American side of the poetry alcove, across the reading room from Nicholas Longworth whose son Joseph got to be something of a chum with Longfellow, to the point that there was much shipping of Longworth sparkling Catawba from Cincinnati to Cambridge, resulting in highly refined versifying by way of thanks. (Would that work today? Just try it on Robert Mondavi.) Longfellow is a recent acquisition. A generous member spotted the sculpture in an O’Bryonville shop and wondered if we might not like to have such a thing. Of course we would. Not only do we actually approve of the poetry, but the bust is monumentally excellent. Readers who find other sculptures of major American literary figures who would like to make a similar gesture should rest assured that we will find space for your gifts, even if we have to remove the souvenir-shop Shakespeare. Dickinson would be nice. Dunbar. Riley. Start looking.

-Nemo Wolfe

You can find more BOTM by clicking HERE.


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