Salter & Ludlum

Readers who followed Norm de Plume to the Chris Onstad golf stuff and found it deeply amusing (which it is – and if you didn’t find it deeply amusing you may have serious neurological damage and, as it happens, we have neurologists and surgeons in the membership who may be able to fix that for you) and who don’t already have six books on their bedside tables may want to tackle John Salter’s A Trout in the Sea of Cortez which just came out for the golf scenes, which, while not up to the Onstad level, are plenty amusing, the more so for being set in a possibly too shaggy story about a guy in Fargo whose wife has dropped a lot of weight without warning and is now almost certainly cheating on him with the town dentist who really has it in for the husband Dennis Pratt, a professional chain smoker and hazardous waste disposal tech. Pratt is getting his golf game in shape for a group vacation in Baja which will prove just as ghastly as you always suspected they would be.

Also out this month is The Bancroft Strategy yet another intercontinentalsuperthriller by renowned intercontinentalthrillermaster Robert Ludlum, who is dead. And has been. For years. There is a plot, of course. Ludlum is all plot. What’s interesting is that the old corpse is actually writing better these days than in his last years as a living person.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. I seem to recall Nancy & Sluggo experiencing a similar posthumous up-tick in quality.

  2. Except that they could never get Aunt Fritzi back to her original fabulousness.

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