“Busts of the Mercantile” Wednesday: Judge John McLean

Judge John McLeanSo you think the Supreme Court is politicized today? A lot you know. John McLean (click the picture for his Wikipedia entry), whose bust sits cheek by jowl with Salmon Portland Chase (coming soon to this space) tried for the Republican nomination for president not once but twice while he was sitting on the Supreme Court. You think anyone could get away with that today? He’s another local bust, a Warren County dude buried in Spring Grove where you can expect that history-free Americans whiz right past the marker, not recognizing him as anybody you’d need to know. But get this. He was a Supreme for 31 years and he was on the right side in the Dred Scott case. And if you don’t know what the Dred Scott case is, you’d better look it up. And you should have more respect for the Hamilton County Republicans. Or at least the nineteenth century radical anti-slavery Republicans.

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-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. […] upcoming birthday bash, Nemo and I have systematically applied museum wax to the recently lowered busts of the Mercantile as a preventative measure against excessive revelry.  Judge McClean, in an effort to elucidate the […]

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