Friday Brain Teaser

A few days ago, I suffered that most Cincinnati of workplace hazards. I ruined my tie by getting chili all over it. Hence… today’s Brain Teaser Question:

Which city has the highest per capita rate of ties destroyed by chili- Cincinnati or Houston?

HINT: Remember that although they probably eat more chili in Texas, they also wear those skinny little bolo ties.

The answer will be made available as soon as the government gets off its lazy rump and starts compiling this crucial piece of data.

– Norm De Plume

Published in: on September 15, 2006 at 1:59 pm  Comments (3)  

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  1. The answer must lie in the delivery vector. In Texas chili, the chili is delivered to mouth via spoon. But in Cincinnati chili, it sticks to spaghetti and must be eaten with a fork. Therefore, the chili dangling from bouncing spaghetti strands can fly off the spaghetti and result in wardrobe damage.

    This is my conclusion based on many, many experiments.

  2. WestEnder, there’s also the fact that Texas chili is chunkier, while Cincinnati chili tends to behave more like a fluid.

    I call for continued experimentation!

  3. It is agreed then. We shall eat more chili.

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