SW/OT for Smonk?

Sinking Without A Trace being what happens to worthy books that don’t make it to Oprah’s bosom or Matt Laur’s golf bag, which, I have been informed by the Ultimate Authority who gave me the weary when-will-you-learn look and reminded me that SW/OT (the library equivalent being SW/OEHBO – shelved without ever having been checked out) happens to more than half the books I thought it would be an absolutely terrific idea to order including, I see, Hell at the Breech by Tom Franklin which was sooo excellent even though it was violent and bloody and historical. But so is Rome on HBO and millions of people can’t wait for the next episode of that. But I could only talk one human being into reading Hell at the Breech (he said he too thought it was sooo excellent) so now I’m so spooked about Franklin that I haven’t got the nerve to order his new book Smonk which is also violent and bloody and historical and has a particularly fine title. So what would really be good is if someone would come in and ask for anything by Tom Franklin, but time it so that the Ultimate Authority is in earshot and will be forced to concede that we should have ordered Smonk.

-Nemo Wolfe

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